A chair made from all of the tears you will shed in a lifetime

It is said that the average human will shed 64 liters of tears in their lifetime. “TEAR DROP CHAIR” is made to look like a large droplet of tear, containing 64 liters of water (or, tear). By visualizing this concept, Keita Suzuki of Japanese design firm “Product Design Center” created a product that allows us to realize that our lives consist of numerous events that bring us the happy and sad emotions.
The experience of “sitting on water” is something one could rarely experience. The material simply consists of 0.3mm thick Vinyl plastic, and water. The significance of this project is the feeling of actually touching a “droplet of water”. This is an experience not only an adult can interact with, but children can enjoy as well. A water droplet is nature’s magnifying lens.
If there were to be a Product Designer-like response to this project, it would have to be that the initial idea was to create a chair that would not damage the grass. In his youth, Mr.Suzuki learned that when tying a rope to a tree to make a swing, he should wrap the branch with newspaper in order to protect the tree. Ever since then, he has been conscious about designing without hurting nature. This comfortable chair is for the people enjoying their stay at the grassed area of MidTown, whilst being in the metropolitan city of Tokyo.
In addition to the “TEAR DROP CHAIR”, a chair with the body fluid content of a child, adult, and polar bear were created.
The Project was exhibited at the Tokyo MidTown “DESIGN TOUCH 2014”. Produced by NHK Educational TV and directed by Galileo-Kobo, Mr. Suzuki was invited to create a project inside the “Suwari Forest”(Forest for Sitting). The theme for this project was “Design x Science x Chair”.

Client : Tokyo MidTown ,NHK Educational TV
Design : Keita Suzuki
Production : Japan Vinyl Goods MFRS.ASS, Sadaoka Design Laboratory