Trophy for NISSAN ART AWARD 2015

NISSAN ART AWARD - The Grand Prix trophy was designed by the product designer Keita Suzuki, expressing the unbroken chain of creation. It is produced together with Sadao Oda, an artisan of Takaoka-shikki, a traditional lacquerware craft from the Toyama region. Combining two elements—the way the color of lacquer becomes more transparent and transforms into amber over time, and the lacquer protects the gold so that it never rusts—incorporates the wish for the trophy to represent an eternal gold that will continue to shine.

Client : NISSAN Motors Inc. AIT
Design : Keita Suzuki
Artisan :  Sadao Oda
Modeling : Shinya Yoshida
Manufacture : NICHINAN
Photo : Bean, Kentaurose Yasunaga, Yukiko Koshima