9000 Series train

The Sotetsu 9000 Series completely refurbished.

The Sotetsu 9000 seriesis a DC electric multiple unit (EMU) type operated by the private railway operator Sagami Railway(Sotetsu) on commuter services in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, since 1993. From 2016, the 9000 series EMU fleet is scheduled to undergo a programme of refurbishment. This involves new interiors, including leather seat covers on the transverse seating bays, interior lighting that can be adjusted to suit day and night conditions, and a new exterior livery of "Yokohama navy blue”color. Sotetsu will celebrate its 100 years in December 2017. By 2018 is planned to be completed the JR - Sotetsu link, and by spring 2019 the Sotetsu - Tokyu link.

Client : Sagami Railway
Design : Keita Suzuki
Technical Support : GK Design
Creative director : Manabu Mizuno( good design company ), Tsuneo Ko( TANSEISHA )
Project assistant : Sayaka Hiromura( PDC )