gy/nは、Googleのプロジェクト「Android Experiments OBJECT」から生まれたAndroid OSを活用するための新しいデバイス。Googleの頭文字である「G」の後に、プログラミング理論を設計する際に使用する「y/n(はい/いいえ)」を加えた造語「gy/n」は、アラビア語の精霊=JINNの意味も持つ。JINNは、人にあらざる存在でありながら、人のような思考力を持つとみなされる存在。それが、作りたいと思ったデバイスのイメージだった。

「gy/n」は、ユーザーの「選択」を助け促すデバイス。OK Googleのように我々が質問し、命じる相手ではなく、その反対。我々に対して質問し、命じる内容を決めてくれる。たとえばお腹が空いて何か食べたいと思っても、何が食べたいかが思いつかない時。気晴らしに外へ遊びに行きたいけど、どこに行きたいかは思いつかない時。音楽、写真、電子書籍……いつでも膨大なライブラリにアクセスできると、考えて選ぶことを煩わしく感じてしまう。gy/nは「中華料理が食べたい?」「車で出かける?」などのシンプルな、YESかNOで答えられる質問をしてくれる。これに答えているうちに、gy/nは選択肢をどんどん絞り込んで、やがてユーザー自身も気づいてなかった内なる望みを言い当ててくれる。gy/nは会話しながら、協力して自身の望みを探り出していく体験をユーザーにもたらしてくれるプロダクトなのである。

コラボレーター: 堀越直人(東京大学職員)


Client : Google

Year : 2016

A new device, gy/n, is designed to utilize Android OS, born out of a project by Google called Android Experiments OBJECT. The name of the device, gy/n (jinn), is a coined word that combines the initial letter of Google with y/n, an abbreviation of yes/no used in programming theory when configuring programs. In addition, jinn means ‘spirit’ in Arabic. While their existence remains concealed from people, jinn are deemed to have the ability to think like people. This is the sort of device that we wanted to create.
The gy/n device assists users in making choices. The user’s feelings are gradually extracted simply by tapping YES or NO to questions asked by gy/n. This leads the user to realize what it is they truly desire, by which time gy/n has already offered it as a choice. In the modern world, we are given vast libraries and a plethora of choices in music, photography, and travel, leading us to the problem of being unable to ‘make a choice’., We have taken a contrary approach, considering that it is necessary for Google to search us, in order for users to enjoy their experience.
Compared to how we ask OK Google questions and give it orders, this device does the opposite. Asking us questions, gy/n makes decisions and tells us what to do. For example, everyone has the memory of being hungry and wanting to eat something, but of not knowing what to eat. You want to go out and relax, but sometimes you can’t think where you want to go. Music, photos, eBooks... having to choose from a vast library one can access at any time can sometimes be troublesome. gy/n asks simple YES or NO questions, such as ‘Do you want to eat Chinese food?’, or ‘Do you want to go out in the car?’ Using the answers to these questions, gy/n gradually narrows down the choices, soon revealing an inner desire that the user was personally unaware of. The gy/n experience resembles the familiar genie in Arabian Nights where, resembling a magic stone that can communicate with the user through direct contact, the user is assisted in finding their own desire.

Collaborator : Naoto Horikoshi (University of Tokyo)